Top 5 Things To Do At Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is quite different to the rest of Malaysia which is why it can be the perfect addition to your Malaysian adventure! It’s home to beautiful scenery, crisp air, winding roads, and there are some fun attractions in Cameron Highlands.

All of this leads to a destination which makes for a perfect short break.

Located from 1200-2000 metres above sea level, the rolling hills of Cameron Highlands are famous for tea plantations and it’s a lovely place to visit, relax and enjoy the break from the lowland heat.

1. Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation

One of our favourite places to visit in Cameron Highlands Malaysia is this plantation 4 kilometres south of Tanah Rata.

There are two tea house areas located by the main road and the views are just breath taking. They are best at the tea house closest to Tanah Rata.

There are no tours but you can enjoy the views and walk around a small part. I highly recommend not visiting on a weekend! It was so busy our only option was to double park and just take a quick look (and photo) of the view before moving on.

2. Tanah Rata

One of the places to see in Cameron Highlands is Tanah Rata, the main town. As with everywhere in Cameron Highlands, the backdrop is pretty and the town itself consists of shops, budget hotels and restaurants. It’s a good place to stop and get something to eat with many choices.

3. Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm is a worthwhile attraction in Cameron Highlands for kids. There is a butterfly enclosure, a flower garden and various insects and other animals including tarantulas, rabbits and lizards.

We enjoyed having a wander around.

Entry is RM7 for adults and RM4 for kids at this attraction at Cameron Highlands.

4. Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

One of the Cameron Highlands places of interest is the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm. Here we found a fairly large bee farm, indoor maze, displays about bees and honey and shops.

We enjoyed walking around the farm and the kids were fascinated by the honey making process. We were able to taste the honey which is delicious.

We visited on a Monday and the indoor maze wasn’t open unfortunately.

Entry to the farm is free. There is a small charge for the indoor maze.

5. Holiday Park 3D Museum

For a different place to go in Cameron Highlands, there is the Holiday Park 3D Museum. This is where there are murals and you get to take silly photos with you posing with interesting backdrops.

We have been to a couple of these 3D museums which seem to be popping up around the place, especially in Asia. This was fun, but it wasn’t very well set up. Many of the backdrops were not set up well for taking photos and the lighting was not good.

This museum is under the Nova Highlands Resort and Residence and it is expensive. We were meant to get a discount as hotel guests but then they decided only Malaysian guests were entitled to the discount!!

For foreigners, the entry price is RM27 for adults and RM22 for kids. There is only a family discount if you are Malaysian. It is not worth this price.

Visit Cameron Highlands today from just $550! Ask us about it now at


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