Singapore To Johor

Singapore To Johor

There are many different ways for a Singaporean to travel to Johor. We are going to explore some of the most common ways we use to travel across the border.

By Bus

A few companies have been granted the concession to ferry guests across the border, and all of them require you to disembark at least, first at the Singapore checkpoint, then once more at the Malaysia checkpoint. A change of buses is unavoidable as there’s no direct transport from Singapore to Johor. There are 2 ways to Johor by bus.

Route A (via causeway):

  1. Take MRT along the NS Line to Kranji station
  2. Cross the overhead bridge at Woodlands Road and board a bus to cross over the causeway towards Singapore’s customs.
  3. Upon clearing customs, head towards the rail station in JB Sentral.
  4. Board a bus at the station to travel to your desired destination.

Route B (via Second-link):

  1. Take MRT along the EW Line to Jurong East station.
  2. Board a bus from Jurong interchange to the Tuas checkpoint.
  3. Alight at Singapore customs for baggage check, then proceeds to Johor Bahru customs via the bus.
  4. Upon clearing customs, board a bus at Johor to your desired destination.


Total time taken for either route: ~3 hours


By Public Taxi

Only licensed taxis are allowed to ferry guests across the border. You can board one of these taxi from Ban San St Taxi Terminal towards Johor.

Total time taken: ~1hr 30min


By Private Taxi

The best mode of transport to cross the border towards Johor will definitely be private taxi. Most private taxi services in Singapore can pick you up from any location in Singapore and send you directly to your desired destination in Johor. This will save you precious time as there isn’t a need to alight at the customs. Your passports are given to the driver who will drives effortlessly through the clearance booth at both immigration checkpoint.

Total time taken: ~1hr

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